Saturday, August 29, 2009

Service Pack 1

We've fixed some bugs, added some goodies, and optimized some of the parts of the website you can't see (but still experience.)

Feature-wise, we have added the ability for users to modify their "nickname" on their account. This will show up on their publisher images the next time they update.

We have also added descending and ascending file sorting.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

AppScene v3

Weeks of development have resulted in the best version of our website yet. AppScene is now much faster for normal users and premium users alike!

We have made many modifications to the way that AppScene runs, including the framework it is built on top of. Our goal with v3 was to minimize the impact of our large international audience and maximize our website speeds.

We have done this — and much more. AppScene now has an elegant new interface, jam packed with many, many new features and details about our website.

For example, our premium members now have the ability to send gifts and put a security lock on their account. Gift sending allows premium users to send some or even all of their bandwidth to another premium user as a gift. The security lock is another brand-new feature. Simply enable security mode and jot down the PIN you receive; you are protected from unauthorized password changes and gift sending. Premium users now have all of the desired account management facilities that were lacking before as well.

Uploaders also have a great interface and, similar to premium accounts, all of the expected account management facilities. Publisher images have been refined and we've appended medals to the images to display the rank of the uploader (bronze, silver, gold). On top of this, it is much easier now to upload and view your files, sort through them, filter them and much more!

Right now AppScene only supports English, but since our international audience of millions is much more demanding, we will soon release many new versions of the website, notably in the Dutch, Russian, Spanish, French, and German languages.

These are only a handful of dozens more new features that have been added to the website.

What are you waiting for? Check it out for yourself!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Appscene's latest.

Over the past few weeks it has been much of the same, our team has been effortlessly migrating over to what is our new servers, everything is now complete. We are still looking to expand our network in order to bring our users faster speeds to enable your files to land on your doorstep even quicker than ever before.

I'd just like to personally thank everyone again for using Appscene. Please let all of your friends know about Appscene and be sure to carry on uploading your files to Appscene.

Until next time,